Friday, 24 June 2016

I stand for positive change, Operation #RecoverAll by NED

According to NDIC "90% of bank deposit belongs to 2% of the population".

Judging by the 2006 population census we had about 140million people according to

Am trying to assume here that Nigerians averagely starts earning salary at about 20years of age.
The CBN in  its Journal of Applied Statistics Vol.6, No 1(a) June (2015) declares that there are about 68million In the Employed group of the population

Now let's make our calculations easier and take the Employed(which includes CEOs) as the depositors, ignoring some of the massive toddler accounts and the fat bank balances of some of our Nigerian under 20's (the lucky ones)

NDIC is implying that of the total bank deposit of N17.2Trillion:- " ", N15.48 trillion of it belongs to just 2% of the Employed population which is by far above our meagre N6trillion 2016 Budget "

It goes to say this 2% are actually richer that the Nation, FYI we are talking Bank Deposit here not assets.

Now what hurts me in this whole story is that the citizen who should be yearning for positive change will be the ones chanting when a move is made to recover illegally acquired funds, we all are entitled to our own opinion but when it comes to recovering illegally acquired funds we all go protecting the ones who are not interested in our welfare. It's about time we took ownership and stopped settling for mediocrity.

I stand for positive change, Operation #RecoverAll


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